Request for Quote (RFQ) on

by ConsultingGator

What is RFQ?

Request for Quote (RFQ) is a convenient feature on that simplifies the process of connecting buyers with sellers. It's designed to make your experience as smooth as possible when you're looking for specific eSIM products and services.

How Does RFQ Work for ESIM?

1. Fill Out the RFQ Form for ESIM

To get started, fill out the RFQ form. This form allows you to provide details about the eSIM products or services you're looking for. It's a simple and efficient way to express your requirements. All ESIM companies of the same category will be notified. A good title will help ESIM sellers to understand your requirements.

2. Select Your Category and Subcategory for ESIM suppliers

Choose the category and subcategory that best match your needs. This helps us connect you with the right sellers who specialize in the products or services you're interested in. Getting a perfect sub category will help ESIM sellers understand your requirements. Your RFQ goes only to those ESIM sellers who are within your desired sub category.

3. Connect with Multiple Sellers

Once you've submitted your RFQ, we take care of the rest. Your request is sent to multiple sellers or vendors in the selected subcategory. They will review your request and reach out to you if they can provide the products or services you're looking for. Connect with multiple ESIM sellers in one form. Your one RFQ form is enough to notify 1000s of ESIM sellers.

4. Get Quotes and Compare

Now, sit back and relax. Sellers will send you their quotes based on your RFQ. You can compare the offers and choose the one that suits you best. This makes it easy to find the right eSIM solution for your needs. Active ESIM sellers are the ones who will also provide you with customer support later on. ESIM sellers and ESIM suppliers will help you understand best fit tailored for your requirements. You can communicate via EMAIL or inbuilt messaging tool to help you get started.

Why Use RFQ for ESIM?

  • Efficiency: Send your request to multiple sellers with just one form.
  • Precision: Connect with sellers specializing in your specific category.
  • Savings: Compare quotes to get the best deal.
  • Convenience: Easily manage your eSIM procurement process.

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